Choosing Your Red Wine Glass!

Many different styles exist in varying degrees of quality, ranging from expensive crystal to cheap stemware. Though the choice of wine glass is purely based upon your individual preference, listed below are what wine experts suggest. Red wine is served best in large wine glasses with a wide, round bowl to release the aroma of the wine. The bowls of your glass will be fuller and rounder with a larger opening than other wine glasses. This type of wine glass is meant to be held by the bowl instead of the stem. This bowl style is also imperative because the complex aromas and flavors of red wine demand a glass with a larger surface area to ensure that the wine comes in contact with more air. The bigger the flavor of the red wine, the bigger the bowl should be, to release more flavors. Cabernets and Shirazes have more flavors and should be in bigger bowls.


Bordeaux Bordeaux wine glasses  usually have a tall large broad bowl with a tall stem. They are ideal for many types of wines but particularly from Bordeau wines made from Bordeaux grape varietals.  Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec as well as other strong, rich wines.  1
Burgandy Burgundy, a region in France famous for growing Pinor Noir offers a glass that has a wider bowl than Bordeaux. The slightly angled sides assist in creating a full bouquet from more delicate wines.  This wine glass type guides the wine to the tongue tip. It is great  for glass for drinking Pinot Noirs, along with other delicate and fruity wines.  2
Pinot Noir Because Pinot Noir is a fruity wine the wine glasses has a tapered top and a wide bowl. The stem, however, is not as long compared to other wine glasses meant for red wine. While burgundy wine glasses may also be used for the pinot noir, the Pinot Noir stem is shorter than other wine glasses.  3
Merlot Merlot wine glasses are known for their tapered top and sizeable bowl and the strong aromas and flavors associated with red wines; more space for the wine to breathe results in a wider bouquet and a more pleasurable experience. The opening of the glass is wider as well, allowing the drinker to get a good whiff of the bouquet.  5
Shriaz A Shiraz or syrah wine glass is known for its mid-sized stem and tends to be typically smaller than other red wine glasses. The shape of the bowl is intended to first present the fruit aromas, followed by the tannin flavours. The glass is significantly tapered inwards.  The entire wine glass was design to showcase the shiraz or syrah’s tannin flavor.  5
Port Due to the sugars, high level of alcohol and intense taste of port, the Port glass is finely tuned. Port wine glasses are designed to display the level of sugar and alcohol in this red wine. This bowl is slim and small to keep the overpowering smell contained so the drinker can focus on the pepper, black currant, and oak flavors that are normally present in port wine. As the shape is small and slender it helps to mask the overwhelming alcohol odors emitted and instead focuses the bouquet on the subtle oak, blackcurrant and pepper prevalent in good port wine.  


Govino  Or you can always use this newer Govino glass that is elegantly designed, shatter proof,  BPA-free and is aromatic, recyclable and also reusable. 7

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